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A few virtual backgrounds perfectly designed for your conference calls

As many people are now working from their homes, video conferences became more popular. There is a variety of tools that allows you to chat with your co-workers. A few of them propose a really fun and helpful feature to change your virtual background. 


Virtual backgrounds for your conference calls

What makes this feature so popular? Probably most of us aren’t too eager to show our homes to the public. It’s convenient in case you want to hide your messy room or don’t want to show people where you are during the call. The possibility to choose the background you wish your co-workers to see can also be a way to express yourself. You can make your daily calls funny, or your serious conversations more professional by merely changing your virtual surroundings.

Therefore, we proudly present a few virtual backgrounds prepared by TUATARA. We made a few ones showing the inside of our beautiful office, a few backgrounds dedicated to our co-workers from the Middle East, and there are also a few funny, more creative ones. Choose your favourite! Of course, they are free to download for all of you.

To download the background click on the selected photo.

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