Improving customer service processes with Cognitive Automation – watch the full webinar
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Improving customer service processes with Cognitive Automation – watch the full webinar

Cognitive solutions are becoming increasingly popular. It is a new level of automation that, by imitating human cognitive abilities, helps employees to read documents, analyze them, and even make decisions in business processes. Watch the full recording of the training, where experts from TUATARA showed how Cognitive Automation and conversational interfaces increase the efficiency and profitability of customer service teams. 


What is Cognitive Automation and how to apply it to customer service? 

The training was conducted by experts from TUATARA, in cooperation with IBM. Sebastian Śnieciński – Product Manager of Actionbot, the most intelligent conversational chatbot on the market, and Marcin Kluczyk – Business Development Manager from TUATARA, showed not only what Cognitive Automation is but also how to apply such technologies in practice. By watching the recording, you will get acquainted with the theory of the subject and see examples of how it can improve customer service in a company. These examples relate primarily to companies in the energy industry but are so universal that you will easily understand how Cognitive Automation can be implemented in your organization.     

What is cognitive automation as a concept anyway? One could say that cognitive automation is a technology that imitates human behaviour, using some of the skills typical of human perception. So, what is it all about? No single solution can be called a cognitive product. Rather, it’s several various technologies or products combined in a way that leads to the automation of a process. Marcin Kluczyk

If you watch the video, you will find out:

  • what Cognitive Automation is and how it can enhance operations in your company,
  • what are the main qualities of Cognitive Automation, as well as how it saves time and increases the productivity of employees,   
  • what Actionbot is – a virtual assistant that understands the customer’s intentions, developed by TUATARA with the use of the IBM Wattson Assistant conversational engine,   
  • how to automate the processing of information from documents using sensID, a product of 4Semantics, part of the TUATARA group,
  • what the implementation of cognitive technologies might look like based on the example of the energy industry. We discuss, among other things, the automation of an application for a new connection (when the customer usually must face a long and time-consuming form), an application for changing the connection’s parameters, or the use of Cognitive Automation in verifying and extracting data directly from an attachment, using the example of concluding a utility license agreement.

In addition, you’ll get answers to the following questions regarding Cognitive Automation for Customer Service:

  • how to combine a virtual assistant with document recognition technology and a process planning tool,   
  • how to automate tedious processes,  
  • can a virtual assistant be more than just a popping cloud with suggestions?   

Our solutions help the client in navigating the process. Step by step, they present him with specific information, enable him to make a choice at the right moment, and allow him to start and complete the process efficiently.  As a result, the information that later goes into the customer’s final application is as complete as possible. We do not replace human beings, instead, we provide tools that automate the process – such as filling out the application, prompting, or filling it out automatically. We do not deprive the customer of the ability to make choices. Sebastian Śnieciński

The training was conducted live, in the form of a webinar. Below you will find the full video recording of the event.   

Cognitive Automation as a solution for multiple industries 

Remember that the examples of Cognitive Automation usage are primarily for demonstration purposes – the implementation of cognitive technologies is equally possible in the mentioned energy industry and other industries.   

And if you sense the need to shorten processes, relieve consultants from manual verification of applications and documents, or minimize errors, contact us and we will help you select the right technologies and solutions.   

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