Digi Car – an innovative system that is the future of car leasing
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Digi Car – an innovative system that is the future of car leasing

Good news for car leasing enthusiasts! Santander Consumer Multirent sp. z o.o. has just presented an innovative Digi Car system for salespeople in car showrooms who wish to easily and quickly find the most suitable vehicle financing offer, tailored to the customers’ expectations. Digi Car covers the entire spectrum of financial products and enables the salesperson to show the customer the best available offers in just 9 seconds.

Portal and mobile application

Digi Car is a comprehensive solution designed and implemented for Santander Consumer Multirent by TUATARA. As part of it, we have designed selling, launching and activating leasing contract business processes – from the front side used by salespeople to the back office. The solutions proposed by TUATARA are based primarily on a functional, intuitive portal that is to facilitate and accelerate the leasing process. Soon, the solutions will also be available to users via mobile application.

Fast and reliable solution

Optimization and automation of business processes allow quadrupling the number of applications processed by Santander Consumer Multirent – speed up their processing and shorten the time of automatic decisions even down to 2 minutes. We have equipped SCM with effective tools supporting manual decision handling as well. The solution implemented by TUATARA also allows direct settlement of transactions for car dealers and salespeople after the contract has been activated. The processes and tools that we have created give SCM great flexibility and allow them to quickly introduce new products to the market, with no need for support from the IT team. The components used in the process we have designed allow adding other forms of leasing as well as adding completely new processes, for instance, rent or tenancy, and even the addition of banking products, such as loans in the future.

Proven solutions and ready-made IBM components, our own product – CENTRY and TUATARA’s competencies and experience gained in similar implementations in the Persian Gulf, ensuring the reliability of proposed solutions.

We are pleased that Santander Consumer Multirent has decided to cooperate with TUATARA. Along with the development of the project, we plan to introduce new innovations thanks to which Santander Consumer Multirent sp o.o. will have a chance to become a leasing industry leader.

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