ibm think 2019
TUATARA at IBM THINK 2019 – the most prestigious IT conference
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TUATARA at IBM THINK 2019 – the most prestigious IT conference

Nearly 2.000 sessions, over 30.000 participants. IBM Think is a flagship event, gathering experts in the latest technologies, business leaders, innovation enthusiasts and creators and real visionaries in one place. The conference serves participants with a series of lectures, presentations and training that help any company striving to find its place in the digital economy get valuable business insights and conclusions.

ibm think 2019

This year, IBM Think took place in picturesque San Francisco. February 12-15, 2019 the Expo hall was transformed into a set of campuses. More than 2.000 business and technical sessions by the best world specialists and innovators in the industry was held there. The spectrum of topics to be discussed is extremely wide – Cloud, Blockchain, IoT, Quantum Computing, AI, to Big Data and the latest technologies used in business for its greater efficiency and security.

TASIL – data monetization platform

TASIL – a monetization platform created by TUATARA, processing massive amounts of data in real-time, has been operating in Oman for almost a year now. Designed based on IBM software, using deep industry knowledge and ensuring the highest level of data security, the TASIL platform transforms telecommunications operators’ data into business value.

TASIL is a revolution in digital marketing

The TASIL self-service platform can be used by the operator’s business clients, enabling them to carry out hyper-precise, multi-channel marketing campaigns in real-time. TASIL offers customers filters and behavioural segments which, based on users’ data (demographics, location information or their behaviour), provide TASIL with tips to find the right recipients for a particular campaign.

In practice, this means that TASIL allows, for example, a café to send coffee invitations to women who often shop and who are just passing by. Accurate measurement of conversion from advertising also allows precise retargeting of the group of recipients in other communication channels, for instance in social media.

Business models based on data monetization

In November 2018, MIT Sloan Management Review published a classification of data monetization business models. The authors specify three models of external monetization:

  • Data as a service – anonymous, aggregated data is sold to intermediaries or to end customers, e.g. telecommunications operators sell data on the location of their customers to local authorities, who, using it, can plan traffic management systems way better. Retailers (e.g. Kroger) sell data collected by loyalty cards to food producers, who, thanks to it, may better understand the needs and shopping behaviour of their customers.
  • Insight as a service – company data is combined with data from external sources and with the support of analytical models, business insights are created. AkzoNobel (a producer of dyestuff, pharmaceutical and chemical products) has created a model that enables ship operators to save on fuel and reduce carbon dioxide emissions depending on the coating used on the ship. The model, available through a mobile application, allows comparing different scenarios and optimizing ship operator’s investments.
  • Analytics – enabled platform as a service – the most complex of the models, offers the greatest value to the end customer, though. The companies provide data on the cloud platform which, thanks to the use of advanced real time analytical processing algorithms, is enriched, tailored to the customer’s needs and possible to be used in a self-service model. Predix platform, developed by GE, provides integrated and technology-based energy management systems (EMS). Thanks to Predix, GE provides clients with predictive and prescriptive analysis of energy consumption and maintenance, which then enables cost savings by simplifying energy processes.

The TASIL data monetization platform, created by us, is an example of the practical and successful implementation of the third model of monetization. Although the model has been created together with a telecommunications operator, TASIL is a solution for a company from almost any industry. Having large amounts of customer data and wishing to make it an additional source of revenue while maintaining high standards of individual customer data protection is the only condition.

TUATARA about an innovative data monetization model

Among approximately 2.000 speakers, there was also TUATARA. We feel honoured by the IBM invitation to speak during the world’s most prestigious IT conference.

Krzysztof Goworek, our Chief Innovation Officer, presented the fourth model of data monetization created by TUATARA. The model assumes creating an additional revenue stream based on combining data from different industries, for example, a telecommunication operator and a bank. Data such as customer location information, customer behaviour or preferences derived from a telecommunication operator integrated with customer purchasing power, provided by a bank creates an undefeatable potential for targeting when securely shared with third party companies.

The new model of data monetization presented during the conference together with its proof of viability – TASIL implemented in Oman, gained interest and recognition of the audience, marking an important milestone for an innovative approach to data monetization.

We also encourage you to check out our fresh presentation from San Francisco.

We can confidently state that the IBM Think 2019 conference was not only an interesting experience for us but also a fruitful promotion for the solution we created. Feel invited not only to visit the TASIL platform operating in Oman but also the global product web page to learn more about the solution implementation and the opportunities it offers.

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