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Business Consultant

Monthly salary (PLN)
Type of work
17000 - 21000
hybrid remote


We are looking for a consultant with practical knowledge of business processes in the areas of marketing, sales, and customer service, specifically within selected industries such as manufacturing, distribution, finance, insurance, banking, e-commerce and others. It is important that you have expertise in at least one or two industries with a thorough understanding of their operational models.

We would also give a chance to untapped talents in this area. If you feel that with your skills, you can totally rock it, even if your CV doesn't explicitly say so, write to us why we should get in touch with you.


  • You will be involved in analyzing and shaping new processes within organizations at the intersection of business and technology, enabling the transformation of our clients' processes. We cover various areas, including:
    • Technological tools (with a particular focus on AI/Generative AI solutions).
    • Business processes.
    • Technological architecture.
    • Metrics.
    • Data.
    • Organizational competencies in dedicated areas (marketing, sales, customer service) from both back-office and front-office perspectives.
    • Organizational structure.
    • Incentive systems.
  • You will be responsible for acquiring and analyzing business requirements from clients and integrating these requirements into business processes and the client's corporate architecture.
  • You will structure the business challenges facing clients, independently seeking and proposing solutions.
  • You will map processes and shape requirements for embedding technology within them.
  • You will prepare and conduct presentations and workshops for clients.
  • Additionally, you will play a pivotal role in selling projects based on competencies and content.


  • Experience: an ideal candidate should have a minimum of 3 years of experience in consulting/business advisory, preferably in an international environment, or very strong practical business experience with the potential to become a consultant (we will thoroughly evaluate this 😊).
  • Experience in embedding technology in dedicated business processes.
  • Ability to manage projects in a client environment, allowing for effective management of multiple project initiatives simultaneously.
  • Strong analytical skills and problem-solving abilities.
  • Capability to identify and logically define, along with providing a clear description and visual presentation of various types of requirements, processes, maps and diagrams.
  • Proficient professional knowledge of English, enabling effective work with international clients (which constitute over 50% of our client base).


  • Communication skills.
  • Openness and a positive attitude.
  • A 'can-do' mindset.


  • Hybrid work mode, but with the requirement to work on-site at the client's location, often in Arab countries, Western Europe, and Scandinavia,
  • Tangible influence on the project in progress and decision-making regarding the technologies used,
  • Working on diverse and international projects – from the financial industry and telecommunications to e-commerce!
  • Short decision-making pathways,
  • Working in a technological-consulting environment,
  • Flexible working hours,
  • Your impact – we aim to collectively shape our work environment, which is why we survey employee satisfaction 4 times a year and organize internal business update meetings twice a month,
  • Comprehensive onboarding, including support from Buddy, who is not afraid to answer the most out-of-the-box questions,
  • Excellent private healthcare package at Medicover,
  • Life insurance and a Multisport card.