Car Leasing Online
Car leasing online – a complete digitalization of the financing process
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Car leasing online – a complete digitalization of the financing process

AutoSalon is an innovation in the Polish leasing market. Created by TUATARA in cooperation with Santander Consumer Multirent, this online service allows customers to choose a car, its financing method and receive a personalized offer without having to leave home. Unlike most existing platforms, the entire process up to signing the contract is carried out by the customer within this online service. The only moment that the customer needs to visit the car dealer is to pick up the vehicle.

Car Leasing Online

AutoSalon – convenient purchase of a car leasing online 

AutoSalon allows the entrepreneur to choose a car and its financing method online, without the need for visiting car dealerships, comparing leasing offers and waiting for an offer. Using any device with Internet access, the customer completes all formalities, up to picking up the vehicle, online. 

Research shows that over a third of customers would like to buy a car online, and they trust the presentations of dealerships the most. We do not only respond to these needs but also anticipate new ones. We provide customers with access to a wide range of proven dealers we have known for years and a fully online process of selecting and completing car financing  Monika Kasprzyk
Director of the Remote Sales Channels Department at Santander Consumer Multirent

TUATARA in cooperation with Santander Consumer Multirent has prepared a portal with a wide range of reliable car dealers from all over Poland. Using the solution, the customer has access to photos and all information about the selected vehicle, from price, through equipment, to technical parameters. The vehicle database is continuously updated by dealerships cooperating with Santander Consumer Multirent. Most importantly, when choosing a car, customers can compare different financing options at once, each option adjusted to their needs. This is the first such comprehensive service on the leasing market, allowing the process of selecting a car and financing to be carried out fully digitally

How does the process look like? 

The customer chooses a specific car model. Based on the available data, the portal generates all possible financing offers for the selected model. It also offers additional products, such as car insurance, GAP insurance, LIFE insurance, assistance insurance or a fuel card. Most importantly, because the financing conditions differ depending on the parameters of the vehicle, the customer can compare them in one view and choose the best solution. Customers can personalize the offer by changing the vehicle, financing period, own contribution, and many other parameters. The vehicles and financing conditions available on the portal are always up-to-date, and the customer does not have to confirm the final choice with an advisor. After deciding on the offer, the customer is transferred to an application that is already partially completed thanks to multiple integrations with external data sources (such as CEIDG or REGON). 

Car leasing online - Support at every stage of the process

Application submitted via the portal is automatically verified and the customer is informed about the decision via digital channels. The customer only goes to the dealership to pick up the selected vehicle (passenger car, delivery car up to 3.5 tons or a motorcycle). The customer can use telephone support from a dedicated advisor throughout the whole process. 

TUATARA support digitalization of sales processes

The solution implemented by TUATARA is the next stage of our cooperation with Santander Consumer Multirent as part of the DigiCar project. To meet customers’ expectations and understand the digital services market, we have jointly developed a breakthrough step towards facilitating leasing processes in Poland. 

Car leasing online - innovation

The cooperation of TUATARA and Santander Consumer Multirent is an example of an agile, comprehensive approach to respond and anticipate customer needs. In this particular case, we responded to the innovative vision of the leasing company by creating an intuitive portal that makes it easier for customers to choose both a car and a financing offer that is tailored to their needs. Our mission is to listen to and exceed customer expectations. Read one of our previous articles to find out more about TUATARA’s collaboration within the DigiCar project

For more information, please read the official press release.

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