Digital Journey in the world of leasing
Digital Journey in the world of leasing – TUATARA at e-Leasing Day 4.0 Conference
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Digital Journey in the world of leasing – TUATARA at e-Leasing Day 4.0 Conference

The “e-Leasing Day” conference is an annual meeting of the leasing industry. The most prominent companies in the sector discuss the latest trends in digitisation, boast about their implementations and finally talk about the advantages and problems that may arise with digitisation. The theme of this year’s edition was “Digital Journey in the world of leasing”. We presented the idea of Embedded Finance and how it can affect the experience of customers, asset providers, and lessors themselves.

Digital Journey in the world of leasing

Unlike banks, the leasing industry is not usually associated with flashy implementations and digitalisation. The process of obtaining lease financing online still differs significantly from that familiar to customers in the case of, for example, credit purchases. Participants of this year’s “e-Leasing Day 4.0” conference discussed how to automate internal processes and streamline the purchasing path to make it as pleasant, smooth, and secure as possible. Another leading topic was how leasing companies could utilise the experience of banks and new solutions (such as Open Banking or PSD2) in acquiring, verifying, and serving leasing customers in the digital space. TUATARA was present as the event’s strategic partner.

E-Leasing Day 4.0 – new technologies, digitisation, and leasing

The e-Leasing Day conference is one of the most important annual meetings of the leasing industry, organised by the Polish Leasing Association. Participants discuss the new ideas that will affect the industry in the coming years. This year’s meeting was opened by a panel discussion, during which Krzysztof Goworek, co-founder and board member of the TUATARA group, took the floor.

During the debate, Krzysztof emphasised the importance of technology in leasing services and the fact that a large part of the customer’s journey, from choosing a shop and goods through additional services (such as insurance) to finding financing and collecting goods, can be made easier thanks to cognitive technologies and AI. Both banks and leasing companies should take advantage of the experience of e-commerce and strive to make the entire process as transparent and straightforward as possible for the customer, preferably entirely within a single digital space – e.g., an online shop’s website or an auto showroom.

Embedded Finance in e-leasing

During our first presentation, Marcin Majka (Product Owner of Fintin in TUATARA) together with Paulina Giemza (Conversational UX Designer in TUATARA) developed on the topic of last year’s conference, showing the guests how Embedded Finance solutions can be used by the industry, building value for all parties of the leasing process – including the online shop and the customer.

After the presentation, we shared the floor with a special guest – Szymon Pilat, Lease Now service Product Owner at ING Bank Śląski Innovation Lab – comparing experiences in implementing embedded finance solutions from the perspective of a leasing company, a technology firm.

Intelligent Automation by Cognitive Hand solution

A presentation about Cognitive Hand by Tomasz Rzeźniczak (4Semantics, CEO) concluded the TUATARA group’s participation during the e-Leasing Day 4.0. The Hand “observes” how users use business applications and learn, constantly improving its performance. Thanks to NLP (Natural Language Processing) mechanisms, the Cognitive Hand analyse and understand documents from various sources, using the acquired information to automatically fill in forms, help company employees make decisions, or even edit the text of the reply to the customer.

TUATARA facilitates the digital transformation of the leasing industry

During the conference, we had the opportunity to talk to leasing practitioners and show that our expertise and knowledge allow us to create solutions that exceed the expectations of all parties in the leasing process. Please visit the Fintin and Cognitive Hand websites if you’re interested in our products.

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