actionbot our new product
Actionbot innovates customer experience – introducing our new product
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Actionbot innovates customer experience – introducing our new product

TUATARA helps companies flourish by flawlessly delivering their services and exceeding the expectations of digital natives. We do not just stick to the plan but also exceed expectations in fulfilling this mission with our projects, ideas, and strategies. We focus on innovation that moves our clients further down the road of digital transformation. Actionbot is the latest proof of our mission. 

actionbot our new product

In the process of realizing the potential of chatbots, companies started to implement them – from simple decision tree chatbots to AI and NLP-based conversational engines. Actionbot takes a step ahead, adding its magic of ‘action’ to create a genuinely revolutionary customer experience.

Actionbot is something more than a chatbot 

Actionbot is our fully functional vision of the future of communication. It is a customer service chatbot that puts its focus on exquisite customer experience. Thanks to AI and NLP algorithms, Actionbot sees customers’ actions within any digital channel (website or application) and reacts, depending on their needs. It can complete a form based on chatting with the customer, propose some additional services based on the customer’s preferences, or simply explain products that are not that easy to understand. 

Actionbot innovates customer experience – introducing our new product

Actionbot is the only chatbot that interacts with any digital channel, operates in a selected environment, and integrates with CRM (e.g. Salesforce) or any other data source. It can be integrated with any application, website, or technology (Angular, React, HTML5, React Native). It can become an intelligent assistant that can up- and cross-sell with ease. It is ready to learn, will remember everything, never goes on vacation, and will not ask for a raise. 

What makes Actionbot unique?

  • Digital versatility – thanks to the understanding of specific context, Actionbot guarantees the best possible digital experience for your customer in any channel; it always knows what to do or say to make the customer feel taken care of,
  • Intent recognition – Actionbot listens, observes, understands and reacts to your customer’s needs; with an innovative IBM Watson Engine, it understands unstructured data to become the best possible assistant,
  • Process automation – Actionbot can use the knowledge it has gathered to assist in more complicated processes; automatization is a competitive advantage not only because it’s time-saving but also makes a positive impression on your customers.
What makes actionbot unique?– Digital versatility– Intent recognition– Process automation

We’ve tried hard to showcase a bit of Actionbot’s magic on our freshly-baked website – We’ve set up a small instance of the great Actionbot in the ‘Chatbot example’ section to prove its special powers. There are four customer experience use case categories you can try:

  • Proactive customer support to improve customer experience
    Actionbot provides 24/7 assistance. It can assist your customers in different languages and show them the content they are looking for. If unable to assist in a specific query, Actionbot directs the conversation to a live agent. Thanks to deployment across various digital channels, it significantly improves the whole customer experience.
  • Automation of operations and purchases to automate processes
    Actionbot, thanks to its automation powers, can assist your customers with processing intents or filling out specific forms. It supports them during the whole process. Actionbot brings automation to the level of the most wanted actions.
  • Lead generation, sales&acquisition to advise on the next purchase
    Actionbot can become valuable sales assistance with reliable insights gathered from the analysis of vast amounts of data. Integration with internal and external sources of knowledge allows Actionbot to understand customers’ needs perfectly. It can quickly identify their needs and suggest the most suitable product.
  • Product and service advice to help make the right choice
    Actionbot reacts to your customers’ actions and advises on specific services. With each conversation, it gains new knowledge and proposes new offers and services perfectly tailored to customers’ needs. Thanks to the understanding of a specific context, Actionbot delivers the best digital service.
Actionbot questions

In our blog posts, you can read about some industry-focused use cases – for banking and telco as well as some thoughts on chatbot importance in the pandemic or how our chatbot can help you generate more leads.

Visit our website to find out what Actionbot can do for your business.

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