Fintin for Alior Leasing Coming Soon
New trends in digital transformation – Fintin for Alior Leasing
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New trends in digital transformation – Fintin for Alior Leasing

TUATARA has partnered with Alior Leasing, one of the leading leasing companies in Poland and a part of the Alior Bank group. This cooperation indicates the introduction of the innovative platform “Alior Rent.” Establishing collaboration between the companies aims not only to support the development of digital transformation but also to deliver new products to customers.

Fintin for Alior Leasing Coming Soon

The strong cooperation between TUATARA and Alior Leasing

Following a business-system analysis at Alior Leasing, TUATARA has become a key partner in the project, leveraging its experience in digital transformation. The joint effort in building the “Alior Rent” platform, allowing customers to access leasing services through a subscription model, is an innovation that broadens Alior Leasing’s portfolio.

The partnership between Alior Leasing and TUATARA is a step towards setting new trends in digital transformation. Introducing the “Alior Rent” platform responds to changing customer preferences and shows both companies’ commitment to creating innovative solutions. Simultaneously, the companies are embracing new opportunities, enhancing operational efficiency, and enabling a more comprehensive focus approach to customer service.

Fintin for Alior Leasing

TUATARA places great emphasis on properly implementing solutions, ensuring their innovation and security standards, which is particularly crucial in the financial industry.

Fintin, a comprehensive financing service platform, will enable Alior Leasing to provide new services to its customers. “Alior Rent,” a solution built using this modular platform, will also be part of a broader technological ecosystem change.

“Alior Rent” is based on integrating the Fintin platform with the Camunda BPM engine, ensuring high-quality business process automation and agile launching of new product lines.

TUATARA actively supports companies in the financial sector in their digital transformation. Customers have become accustomed to remote financial management and expect their partners to provide access to digital services, but legal requirements often present obstacles. Collaboration with Alior Leasing is evidence that achieving complete digital transformation requires the commitment and determination of expert teams, adequately designed and implemented processes, and a willingness to drive change. Krzysztof Goworek

How TUATARA drives technological development

The partnership between Alior Leasing and TUATARA is an example of a successful collaboration in the field of digital transformation. The new “Alior Rent” platform, combined with advanced technologies, opens up new possibilities for financial service customers. Also, it enables efficient automation of business processes, reducing the time to market for new products.

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