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It’s high time for real-time. Make it an engine of your own money-making machine
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It's high time for real-time. Make it an engine of your own money-making machine

The audience of IBM Think Warsaw 2018 had a chance to hear several inspiring speeches, among them the one by our Chief Innovation Officer, Krzysztof Goworek. The conference ‘Technology at the service of humanity’ happened to be a great time and place to present the unique model of data monetization implemented by TUATARA.

IBM Think Warsaw

As IBM itself describes Think Warsaw, it is a meeting dedicated to everyone who is looking for inspiration, knowledge and innovation. It is a real treat for those who want to talk to visionaries and experts of the IT market, as well as for those who want to learn what’s new in the world of technology. It is the right place also for the entrepreneurs who look for partners for cooperation in the areas of AI, Blockchain, Quantum Computing, Cloud, Data and Infrastructure Security.

IBM’s 5-in-5

The list of 5 innovations, prepared by IBM was a drawing card of the conference. It indicates directions of development of science, which will significantly affect the people’s lives and the world around us in the next five years.

  1. AI as a technology that is going to support human work rather than trying to replace it. In the flow of that, IBM renames Artificial Intelligence to Augmented Intelligence.
  2. Quantum computers’ tremendous possibilities will soon be reserved not only for large institutions but will be widely available.
  3. Microscopic robotic Artificial Intelligence will help to protect seas and oceans by monitoring the level of their pollution and making self-reliant decisions in crisis situations
  4. Cryptographic anchors that, embedded on any product in solid form (in future also liquid) and then connected to a blockchain, will become an equivalent of a fingerprint.
  5. All data will be encrypted in complicated algebraic structures called lattices, which will effectively stop hackers’ attacks.

TUATARA’s contribution

IBM shared its fascinating ideas for innovation. However, the speeches of individual presenters were no less interesting. Among them was the one delivered by our Chief Innovation Officer, Krzysztof Goworek, talking about ENRICHING TRADITIONAL VALUE CHAINS USING NEW MONETIZATION MODELS BASED ON REAL-TIME MARKETING.

In his speech, he drew attention to three main business environment factors:

  • emerging business models
  • increased protection of personal data
  • low credibility of digital marketing

that force enrichment the existing, traditional value chains.

IBM Think 2018 – Krzysztof Goworek

The first factor that affects traditional business derives from the increasing sophistication of end customers’ expectations. Across the world, 52% of people aged 18-34 say they would use Facebook or any other tech giant for their banking services. In the United Kingdom, 60 bank branches are closed monthly. New business models can be a threat, especially to companies with revenue based on traditional streams.

The second issue is a consequence of introducing GDPR regulations. Due to the publication of the new laws on the protection of personal data, people’s awareness of this matter has increased. Consumers know their rights and do not hesitate to use them, as with Google, which has received 2.5 million requests for data removal since 2014.

The third business challenge is to improve the performance of digital ads against the vast amount of money spent on it. For 2018 digital ad spend is forecasted at $273,5 billion. Out of that advertisers spend $91.6 million daily on fraudulent traffic within the programmatic networks, making it 15% of the spend in that channel.

Turning challenges into strengths

The solution created by TUATARA has got the power to transform the above-mentioned business challenges into very specific business values. It takes advantage of the API Economy by creating the potential for building a new business model, it assures the safety of data and GDPR compliance and guarantees the most precise targeting ever.

TASIL has been built and successfully implemented as a powerful real-time marketing platform allowing companies to monetize their data by securely sharing insights from it with third-party companies. We estimate that a company with a 10 million opt-in database can earn as much as $167 million in new revenue in 5 years.

TUATARA’s Chief Innovation Officer presented two examples of a real-life TASIL platform’s use. A commercial one as well as a very unusual application of TASIL, during a cyclone threat in the Arabian Peninsula in May this year.

You can check the presented material here.

You can read more about TASIL here and check our first implementation in Oman here.

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