tuatara e-leasing day 3.0
Digitalization of the leasing sector – TUATARA at e-Leasing Day 3.0 conference
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Digitalization of the leasing sector – TUATARA at e-Leasing Day 3.0 conference

Digital transformation has been sweeping across businesses of all sectors and industries. Undoubtedly the COVID-19 pandemic has also been driving these changes over the past year. It has forced people, including businesses, to stay home and move most of their operations online. For the leasing industry, digital transformation is about improving customer service and operational processes. Digitalization of the leasing sector was the main topic of the e-Leasing Day 3.0 conference on 25th May 2021.

tuatara e-leasing day 3.0

E-Leasing Day 3.0 – new technologies, digitalization and leasing

E-Leasing Day conference is a unique event dedicated to the leasing sector, organized by the Polish Leasing Association. During the event, participants heard about new ideas relevant to the sector in the next few years. Therefore, the main topics of the first two editions of the conference were: the future of the leasing industry in the digitizing economic environment and the idea of cooperation in a competitive area.

This year, the event’s main theme is new technologies, digitization, their impact on the leasing sector, and an innovative approach to project implementation. TUATARA became a strategic partner of the whole conference and took part in it, giving two presentations and participating in the discussion panel. The conference started with Damian Kawecki, our Head of Delivery, debating the best practices in project management with other experts.

E-leasing is improving customers’ satisfaction

During our first presentation, Michał Żuchowski, together with our business partner – Marta Kozłowska from Santander Consumer Multirent, talked about the cooperation within the DigiCar project. The partnership between TUATARA and Santander Consumer Multirent is an example of an agile, comprehensive approach to respond and anticipate customer needs.

The next step of this cooperation was the introduction of AutoSalon – an online service that allows customers to choose a car, its financing method and receive a personalized offer without having to leave home. E-leasing not only improves customers’ satisfaction but also understands and exceeds the expectations of the digital services market.

If you want to know more about our cooperation, visit one of the previous posts on car leasing online or the DigiCar project.

Cloud services to revolutionize a leasing sector

How can cloud solutions revolutionize the leasing sector? Tomasz Kostrząb (CTO) and Marcin Majka (Product Owner) answered this question during their presentation. Our new solution showed how the future of projects based on ready-made cloud solutions might look like, allowing quick implementation and verification of business ideas in accordance with customer expectations. Fintin, our flexible modular solution, designed to complement and transform digital tools, responds to customer needs by offering an advantage in the financial services sector.

Digitalization of the leasing sector – TUATARA at e-Leasing Day 3.0 conference

  Fintin in a nutshell: 

  • A set of ready-to-use modules, such as virtual assistant, virtual showroom, Task Manager, API that enable the reliable and flexible delivery of financing services in the digital space, 
  • Shortening the time of financing decision to 2 minutes, 
  • Online financing in less than 10 minutes, 
  • Cognitive automation of business processes, 
  • Improve customer experience in a highly competitive environment of financial and leasing service providers. 

TUATARA exceeding expectations

Once again, TUATARA’s experience, knowledge and innovative solutions proved that our mission to exceed customers’ expectations is successfully being fulfilled. We can’t wait to present our solutions during future events. Follow us to stay tuned about our next steps!

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