Euvic 2030 invests in TUATARA Group – a new era of synergy in innovation and technology
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Euvic 2030 invests in TUATARA Group – a new era of synergy in innovation and technology

We are pleased to announce that TUATARA has gained a new, strong strategic partner. The investment company Euvic 2030 has decided to support our operations, seeing in us not only professionalism but above all the potential for further development. While this partnership opens up many new possibilities for us, we remain an independent entity that will continue to strive towards fulfilling our mission – creating enchanting experiences in the digital space.


The Power of Synergy – Euvic and TUATARA

Thanks to our strategic collaboration, the merging of our unique competencies and experience in cognitive technologies, data analytics, as well as in process automation with Euvic’s offerings will become possible. This opens new perspectives for the entire TUATARA group and enables us to deliver even greater value to our customers in diverse sectors – from finance, through the public sector, insurance, industry, defence, all the way to environmental protection and the maritime sector. 

Our innovative products, such as Actionbot – an advanced chatbot, and Fintin – a modular financial platform, will become part of Euvic’s rich portfolio. Consequently, it will complement its offerings with additional solutions in the field of cognitive technologies and business solutions based on Natural Language Processing. This means that our unique solutions will be available to an even larger number of customers.

Innovation and Engagement in Europe and the Middle East

Collaboration with Euvic does not signify a loss of independence for us. We will continue to pursue our mission – creating exceptional experiences in the digital space through our unique products and solutions. Our presence in the European and Middle East markets, particularly in Oman, demonstrates our potential and experience in implementing cutting-edge technologies. 

Our engagement in the Middle East region confirms our readiness to undertake ambitious projects. Not only do we deliver high-quality solutions to our clients, but we also involve ourselves in the execution of innovative initiatives, such as the Omani space program. Collaborating with significant entities such as Omantel, a leading telecommunications service provider in Oman, is an honour for us and a testament to the strength of our competencies.

Navigating the Road to the Future – TUATARA in a fresh context 

The investment from the Euvic Group is a recognition of our work, innovation, and dedication. For TUATARA, this is also another step on the journey towards further development, not only in the Polish market but primarily on the international IT scene. 

Thanks to this new partnership, we have the opportunity to expand further into foreign markets, and our products and services will gain even greater visibility. This serves as confirmation that we are moving in the right direction, creating enchanting technological solutions that meet the expectations of the most demanding customers. 

We are convinced that collaboration with Euvic marks a new, promising stage for us. We believe that this strategic partnership will contribute to the further growth of both companies and enable us to provide our customers with even better experiences in every digital channel. 

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