e-leasing day 5.0
TUATARA at the e-Leasing Day 5.0 conference: a revolution in e-leasing
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TUATARA at the e-Leasing Day 5.0 conference: a revolution in e-leasing

At the e-Leasing Day 5.0 conference, we discussed what the digitalisation of the leasing process should look like from the customers’ perspective. TUATARA experts shared their vision on the potential impact of ChatGPT technology on communication with the leasing customer and how the latest space industry technologies can serve leasing industry in Poland.

e-leasing day 5.0

Disscussion Panel – Responding to Digital Customer expectations

The e-Leasing Day 5.0 conference is an annual meeting of the leasing industry, attracting leading companies from the sector. The aim of the event is to discuss the latest trends in digitisation, share experiences of implementing new technologies, and debate the benefits and potential problems associated with the digitisation process. This year, TUATARA’s attendance was opened with a panel discussion on responding to customers’ digital expectations with the participation of Paweł Pach (CEO of PKO Leasing), Krzysztof Kowalewski (VP of Santander Leasing), Maciej Kijo (VP of Pekao Leasing) and Krzysztof Goworek (CEO of TUATARA). The discussion was moderated by Monika Constant, President of the Board of the Polish Leasing Association.

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The panel was a continuation of an earlier discussion on customer expectations around digitalisation. We talked about what solutions the industry has developed, what it is working on, and what obstacles hinder the digitisation of leasing services. 

Transaction security whether in banking, insurance or e-commerce industry is always a challenge. However, this challenge has long been addressed by leasing-related industries. I see no problem for the leasing industry to also deal with it. The tools we offer ensure the security of transactions, are used by banks, and meet the requirements of the KNF (Financial Supervision Committee). What is important is that technology is already supporting the leasing industry in terms of risk analysis or KYC processes, there is an exchange of information with credit information bureaus, and financial platforms are integrated with these bureaus. This is already happening.  KRZYSZTOF GOWOREK

Krzysztof also stressed that leasing company customers expect the same processes and the same level of service as they encounter in the case of e-banking or e-commerce purchases. The panelists cited, among other things, the documentary form for signing contracts, e-registration tools for leasing companies that are not adapted to 21st century standards, or the mass and lack of direct access to the CEPiK database as obstacles to accelerating the digital transformation of the industry.  

Will ChatGPT Revolutionise Customer Communication?  

A lively discussion behind the scenes was sparked by a presentation by Marcin Majka, who showed attendees the potential impact that ChatGPT technology could have on customer communication. Marcin highlighted the growing role of cognitive automation in the future. The future of automation, he noted, is moving towards intelligent automation that can mimic cognitive processes. AI technology that can learn and propose optimisation solutions will replace manual ‘clicks’ with bots that understand natural language, make decisions based on preset rules, and are able to propose an appropriate solution. All within the framework of a natural conversation, almost identical to the one a customer might have with a real advisor.

Please note that this video is available only in Polish – the English version is coming soon

Marcin also highlighted that automating customer service based on the context of the process being executed allows complex documents to be handled through proprietary AI and machine learning models, supporting employees by handling multiple complex processes simultaneously. More than 90 per cent of messages recognised, cost optimisation due to the possibility of a cloud-based deployment that reduces licensing costs, integration of processes within the current IT ecosystem, reducing the cost of handling a financial product, taking the team out of repetitive tasks – these are all benefits of customer service automation. 

How space tech can serve leasing in Poland? 

Artur Nowakowski, TUATARA’s expert in satellite imagery and space technology, was no less surprised. Artur provided an innovative perspective on the possibilities of using space in the leasing sector in Poland. He pointed out that space can serve the leasing industry by providing data to help forecast and monitor, for example, the demand for cars, agricultural machinery or farm equipment. With such data, leasing companies can also better estimate the demand for their services.

Please note that this video is available only in Polish – the English version is coming soon

Artur Nowakowski also presented examples of the use of satellite data around the world. He pointed to case studies such as a project that uses satellite data to measure crop yields from space. These examples show how satellite data can be used to provide valuable information that can aid decision-making in the leasing sector.

Cognitive process handling or cognitive automation  

During the conference, we also had the honor of leading a substantive workshop, during which Tomasz Rzeźniczak, CEO of 4Semantics (a TUATARA Group company) and Marcin Majka, Product Owner of Fintin, discussed what implementing cognitive automation in the leasing industry might look like. They showed how the use of artificial intelligence, cognitive technologies, and natural language processing can not only speed up company processes but also significantly reduce costs.

Please note that this video is available only in Polish – the English version is coming soon

Together with the participants, we looked at where such processes are taking place and which of them can benefit from cognitive technologies. We discussed how cognitive automation outperforms traditional RPA processes, from modeling selected business processes to building document understanding automation. We introduced the participants to the world of artificial intelligence, natural language understanding and machine learning, while highlighting what business benefits the implementation of cognitive automation brings. The professionals gathered at the workshop had the opportunity to see how cognitive technologies and artificial intelligence bring specific business value and can help build competitive advantage. 

TUATARA – digitisation of the leasing industry 

Conversations with leasing practitioners always provide us with valuable information that helps us better understand the needs of the sector. These interactions are key to our work as they allow us to tailor our solutions to the real needs of our clients. We believe that through our approach, we can anticipate and meet the expectations of both leasing companies and their clients. 

The e-Leasing Day 5.0 conference was another opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with experts from the leasing industry. Among other things, this enables us to create innovative solutions that not only meet, but often exceed the expectations of all participants in the leasing process. You are cordially invited to read the transcripts of our presentations. 

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