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Digital Assistant in a bank – Actionbot at Cooperative Bank in Brodnica
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Digital Assistant in a bank – Actionbot at Cooperative Bank in Brodnica

As the banking industry undergoes a digital revolution, innovations that enable customers to use services more efficiently are crucial. Virtual Advisor Piotr is an Actionbot-enabled digital customer assistant that has just been launched at Cooperative Bank in Brodnica (BS Brodnica). Piotr responds to the needs of the bank’s customers by providing almost instant help and support to any customer, recommending products around the clock or simply pointing out where they can find knowledge on topics of interest.

chatbot brodnica

Virtual Advisor Piotr – simplifying navigation and enhancing customer support

Using our Actionbot technology, Virtual Advisor Piotr makes it much easier for customers to navigate the Cooperative Bank in Brodnica’s website, while providing quick and accurate answers to their questions. He also makes it easier for customers to use banking services, resulting in greater satisfaction and loyalty to the bank. It is worth noting that in addition to its basic support function, Piotr is also able to recommend products tailored to the customer’s needs, which is possible thanks to the use of advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, natural language recognition and machine learning mechanisms.

The use of chatbots in banking brings a number of benefits to both customers and banks. By taking over routine tasks, chatbots significantly reduce the workload of employees, allowing them to focus on more complex and demanding tasks. The result is not only greater operational efficiency for the bank, but also better customer service. Our implementation at BS Brodnica is no different – for customers, especially those who are younger and more comfortable with technology, the presence of a chatbot is tantamount to access to quick and convenient assistance. Actionbot is available 24/7, providing assistance even in emergency situations or outside standard banking hours. It can also make personalised recommendations and offers based on collected data and analysis of user behaviour.

Piotr's Virtual Advisory includes:intuitive help systemexpress answersproduct recommendationsinformation on current offeringseasier accesssolution propositions

The benefits of implementing an AI chatbot can also be seen in the context of optimising banking offers. By easily analysing the data it collects, it enables a deeper understanding of customer needs and preferences, which is crucial for tailoring offers and promotions. Such optimisation not only increases sales and customer satisfaction, but also helps to build long-term relationships and loyalty.

Continuous improvement

Advanced AI systems like Piotr are capable of collecting and analysing vast amounts of data about user interactions. This data, when properly processed, is a valuable source of information that can be used to improve the bank’s operations, better understand customer needs and optimise product offerings. It also forms the basis for ongoing optimisation of the chatbot itself.

The collaboration between the Cooperative Bank in Brodnica and TUATARA, which resulted in the implementation of Piotr Virtual Advisor, is an excellent example of how traditional financial institutions can work effectively with technology companies. This partnership shows that technological innovation is not just typical to modern start-ups, but can also be effectively implemented by traditional banks, contributing to their development and modernisation.

However, the key is not just to implement an innovative solution, but also to continuously develop and improve it. The Cooperative Bank in Brodnica is aware that the world of technology is constantly evolving and that customers may be surprised by new and even better solutions. Therefore, we are already planning to work intensively on improving the assistant model in order to better meet customer expectations and remain competitive in the market.

By implementing Piotr’s Virtual Advisor, BS Brodnica will make it much easier for its customers to use banking services. Piotr will help navigate the bank’s website, facilitate content searches and provide information on branch locations and contact details. He will also provide detailed information about the bank’s offerings, including different types of cards, accounts, loans, deposits and insurance. Piotr will also direct customers to speak to an advisor if required. Customers will also be given the opportunity to rate the quality of support after each interaction with the Actionbot, which will help to further tailor the tool to their expectations.

Virtual Advisor Piotr includes:

  • 24/7 Availability: Virtual Advisor Piotr is available to clients 24/7, meaning they can get the information and support they need at any time of day.
  • Fast and Accurate Response: Thanks to advanced algorithms and natural language recognition technology, Piotr can answer customers’ questions instantly, providing precise and relevant information.
  • Personalised Recommendations: The Virtual Advisor analyses users’ needs and preferences, tailoring its answers and product recommendations to individual customer requirements.
  • Reducing Service Costs: The automation of routine tasks and customer queries using Piotr’s Virtual Advisor contributes to a significant reduction in customer service costs.
  • Increasing Customer Satisfaction: Quick access to information and support improves overall customer satisfaction, which translates into customer loyalty to the bank.
  • Improved Website Navigation: Piotr makes it easier for customers to navigate the bank’s website, helping them quickly find the information and services they need.
  • Emergency Support: With 24/7 availability, Virtual Advisor Piotr can also provide assistance in emergencies and unforeseen situations.
  • Increased Employee Efficiency: The takeover of routine tasks by the chatbot allows bank employees to focus on more complex and valuable tasks.
  • Data Collection and Analysis: The Virtual Advisor collects data on user interactions, providing a valuable source of information for analysing and optimising banking services.
  • Sales Process Support: Piotr can recommend banking products tailored to the customer’s needs, thus supporting the sales process.

Optimisation and development

Continued investment in the development of chatbots is essential not only to remain competitive, but also to meet the growing expectations of online banking customers, who expect faster, more efficient and more personalised service. Technological innovations such as chatbots are therefore not only a tool for optimising internal processes and increasing efficiency, but also a means of building long-term and rewarding customer relationships.

The modern customer expects fast and efficient solutions. For us, the introduction of Piotr is not only a response to the needs of the market, but above all an investment in the comfort and satisfaction of our customers. We want each of them to feel that we are with them on every step of their financial journey. Our Virtual Advisor is also a kind of proof that cooperative banks can stand at the forefront of innovation in the sector. Grzegorz Głowacki
Board member for IT and innovation – Brodnica Cooperative Bank

Virtual advisors, such as Actionbot-based Piotr, are playing an increasingly important role in the digital transformation of the banking sector, offering customers a new level of service and personalisation. The collaboration between Cooperative Bank in Brodnica and TUATARA is an example of how technological innovation can support the development of traditional financial institutions while helping to shape the future of Polish banking.

Behind the scenes

Please see a short video below, in which Wojtek Telenga, Digital Transformation Partner at TUATARA, shares his experiences and thoughts on the implementation process of our technology at the Cooperative Bank in Brodnica.

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