e-leasing day 6.0
TUATARA at the e-Leasing Day 6.0 conference: personalisation and digitisation of leasing services
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TUATARA at the e-Leasing Day 6.0 conference: personalisation and digitisation of leasing services

The e-Leasing Day 6.0 conference once again brought together leading representatives of the leasing industry eager to share knowledge, experiences, and visions regarding the future of this sector. This year, the main themes were personalisation and digitisation of leasing processes. During his presentation, Marcin Majka, Product Owner at Fintin, showcased the utilisation of the “pay-as-you-go” model in e-leasing and its impact on the circular economy.

e-leasing day 6.0

Understanding the needs of leasing clients

E-Leasing Day provides the latest information on current trends and the future of the leasing industry. This edition was exceptional, marking the 30th anniversary of the Polish Leasing Association. As the main partner of the conference, TUATARA proudly observes the development of this initiative and supports the leasing industry in seeking solutions for improvement. 

This year’s event was divided into three main parts:

  • The first part focused on a customer-centric approach in the leasing industry. It discussed research on customer assessment and digitisation needs, emphasising the significance of a high Net Promoter Score (NPS) and positive recommendations for leasing as a financing option. The speakers also discussed both positive and negative aspects of Customer Experience (CX) and presented methods for designing customer experiences.
  • The second part addressed the latest trends in the leasing industry, such as hyper-personalisation, mobility, and online car sales platforms, as well as the development of a future vision for leasing services in collaboration between the experts and youth.
  • The final part explored the digitisation of processes in the leasing industry, covering topics related to digitally configuring the leasing sales process, product personalisation, remote customer identification, and legislative changes such as e-vehicle registration. The conference finished with a presentation on the Generative Revolution in the leasing industry, sparking discussions on the opportunities and threats posed by AI solutions.

“Pay-as-you-go” and circular economy in e-leasing

During his presentation, Marcin Majka introduced an innovative approach to leasing offerings based on the “pay-as-you-go” concept. It allows for creating offers tailored to individual customer needs that are flexible and adaptable to their changing requirements. This can be achieved by utilising appropriate data to personalise and streamline business processes.

e-leasing day 6.0

Language models, supported by AI, automate data input into the system, which is particularly useful for handling large volumes of data, repetitive operations, and complex documents. By leveraging historical data, it’s possible to easily adjust financing offers, considering not only external criteria but also internal data and experiences. Also, with accumulated knowledge about potential clients, leasing companies can consider their engagement and financial parameters even before making financing decisions.

The future of the financial industry, especially in the leasing sector, lies in strategically employing existing resources. The key is process optimisation, which helps fully utilise available resources. Leasing companies have a rich dataset that can be the foundation for implementing innovative business models. Marcin Majka
Product Owner at Fintin, TUATARA

Marcin presented a detailed analysis of the financing process, emphasising customer experience at every stage. He shows that the whole approach is not only about technically conducting transactions but also about building lasting relationships with customers. That’s why optimising each stage of the process is crucial to delivering value to both the customer and the financing organisation.

The “pay-as-you-go” concept offers a forward-looking alternative to traditional leasing models. Dynamic instalments based on vehicle usage data may be a desirable option for customers. Also, leveraging Artificial Intelligence to automate processes can expedite and streamline the entire leasing process.

Marcin also touched upon the topic of circular economy in leasing. According to him, the future approach to remarketing will be based on observing user behaviour and exploring new possibilities for new customers. That’s why subscription models and “pay-as-you-go” could be key to promoting the circular economy through efficient resource utilisation.

TUATARA meets the requirements of the leasing industry

The e-Leasing Day 6.0 conference served as an excellent platform for exchanging knowledge and experiences related to the industry’s future. Innovative approaches to financial offerings, data utilisation, Artificial Intelligence, and the promotion of the circular economy were the main topics indicating the direction in which the leasing is going in the coming years.

At TUATARA, we are focusing on the future by identifying digitalisation challenges and helping businesses solve them. By harnessing the potential of Artificial Intelligence and data analysis, we support innovative approaches to offerings focused on personalisation and improving customer experience. We implement modern technologies and promote the circular economy that can define the future of the leasing industry.

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